Final Impact Report FAQs

When is the report deadline?

See your Country page for your Final Impact Report deadline. Be prepared to upload photos when you submit your report.

How do I submit my report?
The online report link is located on the Final Impact Report page. Each page will save as you progress to the next. Once you select “Submit,” you may log back in and make changes as needed. The last report submitted within the deadline will be retained and sent to Ford Motor Company Fund.

You may also prepare your report in advance using the Final Impact Report Sample. All questions marked with an asterisk (*) will require a response in the live report.

Who will read the Final Impact Reports?
The Final Impact Reports will be read by Enactus and Ford Motor Company Fund staff. We encourage you to type your text into a word processing program that allows for grammar and spell check prior to submitting your online report. Submissions must be in English.

Who should I contact at Enactus with questions?
See the Contact page for a list of contacts by country.