All enrolled Enactus Morocco teams with projects that have outcomes completed between 25 November 2016 – 25 November 2017 meeting the program goals and reporting requirements are eligible to apply to Cycle 4 of the Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership. Four (4) teams in Morocco will receive a $4,500 USD grant to complete their projects. An initial grant of $4,275 USD will be distributed after grant recipients are announced. The remaining $225 USD will be distributed upon receipt of a completed Final Impact Report.

Morocco Application Due: 25 February 2017 by 23:59 GMT

To view the Application Sample and/or submit your Application, visit the Apply page. If you have questions about your login information, please contact Enactus staff (see below).

Morocco Final Impact Report Due: 25 November 2017 by 23:59 GMT

Participating teams are required to submit a Final Impact Report to detail the results of the project, including measurable outputs and outcomes. See the Final Impact Report page for more information, including a sample report.


For questions about the Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership in Morocco, please contact:
Sara Chellaoui
Operations Manager, Enactus Morocco
Mobile: +212661738432

CAF EL Mahdi
Project Manager, Enactus Morocco
Mobile : +212648902266