Application FAQs

Who is eligible for the Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership grant?
The Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership has been created in partnership between Enactus and Ford Motor Company Fund to mobilize Enactus teams to empower their communities. To learn more about Enactus, visit

All enrolled Enactus teams in countries listed on the Apply Page with projects meeting the program goals and reporting requirements listed below are eligible to apply. The project submitted must have outcomes completed between a specific timeline for each country. See the Program Overview page for details and your Country page for the number of awards and grant amounts available. If your country is not listed, Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities grants are not available at this time.

What are the program goals?
Enactus teams’ Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership projects will include the following elements:

  • Create an innovative approach to “Building Sustainable Communities”
    Ford C3 uses the term Sustainable Communities in a very broad way. Ford Motor Company Fund is looking for Enactus teams to create interesting, unique, and ingenious approaches to defining this term, the more creative the better. Potential areas of focus could include (but are not limited to): alternative energy, environmental sustainability, sustainable agriculture, sustainable mobility, systemic approach to meeting non-profit needs, water conservation or economic development.
  • Involve students in a leadership role
    University students must be involved in a leadership role in the project, and in all aspects of the project from design to implementation. Successful Applications will demonstrate this involvement in some detail.
  • Address an urgent and unmet community need in a tangible way
    Ford C3 is not looking for research studies or reports. Successful Applications will describe a project that touches the community in meaningful ways, and that make a difference on a topic of real importance to the local community. While research/study can and should be a part of any project, some kind of meaningful and demonstrable action is required.
  • Involve a community-based organization as a partner
    Winning Applications will demonstrate an active and meaningful partnership with a local community-based organization. The term “community-based organization” is not used as a legal term here, but rather to describe any organization that plays a role in the life of the local community (e.g. schools, social service agencies, businesses, government entities).
  • Involve the School of Business, Engineering and/or Design in some way
    Throughout its history interacting with higher education, Ford Motor Company Fund has concentrated much of its attention on schools of Business, Engineering, and Design. Similarly, winning Ford C3 Applications will involve students from one or more of these three schools in some way.
  • Generate and document measurable outputs and outcomes to demonstrate the success of the project
    See the Enactus Team Handbook for tips on identifying and analyzing outputs and outcomes. Contact Project Partnership staff for further guidance.

What is the Application deadline?
See your Country page for due dates. If your country is not listed, Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities grants are not available at this time.

How do I submit my Application?
The Application web link may be found at the Apply page. Teams must login to submit an Application. If you are unsure of your login information, contact Project Partnership staff. You will need to complete all required areas marked with an asterisk (*). Upon completion, please select “submit” at the end of the Application. The team members listed on the Application will receive an email confirmation of the submission. Please review the email confirmation to ensure your information was properly submitted. If you do not receive an email confirmation, contact Project Partnership staff.

When will grant monies be paid?
Grant monies will be issued to selected teams in two or more disbursements. See your Country page for detailed information.

Approved teams withdrawing from the grant program without initiating or completing the project may be required to return all grant funds.

I cannot login to the Application. Why?
Only colleges/universities with an enrolled Enactus team in the countries listed on the Apply Page are eligible to apply. Contact Project Partnership staff for login information.

Can my team apply for more than one Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities grant?
No. Each Enactus team may apply for only one grant. While teams may have many good ideas, we rely on each team to prioritize its need and submit only one Application. We recommend you select the project that is most clearly and strongly compatible with the purpose and requirements stated in the Program Goals.

Can a current or on-going project be used for the Application?
Yes. Projects may be new or existing and must meet the grant criteria. The project submitted must have outcomes completed within your country’s timeline.

Can my team submit a project located outside of our country?
Teams are strongly encouraged to work on local projects in their community. Teams may submit projects located outside of their country, but local community projects are preferred.

What are my obligations if a grant is awarded?
Ultimately, to accept the grant you will:

  • Agree to adhere to the program outlined in your grant application—project and/or budget changes must be approved in writing with Project Partnership staff
  • Agree to allow your contact information to be shared with Ford Motor Company Fund and Enactus
  • Maintain regular communication with Enactus staff regarding the project
  • Prepare and submit a Final Impact Report online by your country’s deadline
  • Abide by all applicable guidelines when using Enactus or Ford Motor Company Fund logo(s) or name(s)
  • Seek media recognition including acknowledgement of Ford Motor Company Fund’s commitment to building sustainable communities using the online media toolkit located on the website and report any media coverage to Enactus
  • Agree there is no expectation for the university administration to deduct any fees from the grant disbursements

What if the project changes or the team is unable to proceed as proposed?
Contact Project Partnership staff as soon as possible if you wish to change any project goals and objectives.

When is my team’s Final Impact Report due?
Please see your Country page for your Final Impact Report deadline. Be prepared to upload photos when you submit your report.

Who should I contact at Enactus with questions?
See the Contact page for a list of contacts by country.