Application Deadline by Country (Cycle Six):
Brazil: 24 February 2019
Germany: 15 February 2019
Ghana: 17 February 2019
Kenya: 28 February 2019
Mexico: 28 February 2019
Morocco: 13 May 2019
Puerto Rico: 16 March 2019
South Africa: 2 March 2019
United Kingdom: 28 February 2019

Is your Enactus team interested in submitting an Application to participate in the Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership? Download the Application Sample to prepare your proposal.

Application Sample

Enactus recommends that teams prepare answers in advance using the Application Sample. Then, simply copy and paste information into the online Application.

If you do not receive an email receipt of your Application submission, please contact Project Partnership staff. Do not submit another Application unless you want to make changes. We will retain the last Application submitted within the deadline. Enactus will consider one Application per team.

Visit the Application Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Project Partnership staff for additional information.

Application Judging Criteria

1. How well does the team create an innovative approach to Building Sustainable Communities, Smart Mobility or Social Mobility?

2. How well does the team’s plan involve students in a leadership role?

3. How well does the team’s plan address an urgent and unmet community need in a tangible way?

4. How effectively has the team identified measurable outputs and outcomes to demonstrate the success of the project?

5. How well does the team’s plan use entrepreneurial action to empower others to improve their livelihoods?